This Galery shows how Roy Morris began racing at Hennesford Hills and Curburough in the early 1960s and proceeded in founding Morspeed Racing in the mid 60´s.

View pictures of Roy racing his Cosworth powered Turner on the legendary british racetracks Brands Hatch and Mallory Park. Also the first pictures of the Morris family racing team getting involved in drag racing in the mid 1960´s at the british dragstrip Santa Pod Raceway, which today host´s the FIA European Championship Drag Racing Series.

Also see pictures of the Vauxhall HB Viva that was a project of Roys in the mid 1970s, the car was special because of the differant types of motorsports it could particpate in, it was built as an allrounder and was a whole lot of fun for Roy.

Racing an english A30 at Hennesford Hills
in England (1960s)
Roy Hot Rodding in his Ford Anglia
at Hennesford Hills England (1960s)
Sue Morris rallying with
her navigator Neil Tonka
Preparing for a run at Curborough
Sprinting with the Turner at Curborough
in England (1960s)
The Turner and a tuned Triumph Spitfire
at Curborough England (1960s)
Curborough, England (1960s)
Curborough, England (1960s)
Morspeed Racing took their racecars and their employees out to Silverstone Racecircuit in England for a day of fun in 1961
Silverstone 1961
Sue Morris in the pits next to Roy´s Turner at Brands Hatch Racecircuit in England (1964)
Roy ready to race his Turner at Brands Hatch in England (1964)
Roy racing at a production sports race called the "British Empire Trophy Day" which was sponsored by the BOAC (British Overseas Airway Corp.) in 1964
Brands Hatch England (1964)
Roy coming out of the tunnel under another section of the Brands Hatch Circuit (1964)
Roy in front at Brands Hatch (1964)
Roy driving out of his business Morspeed Conversions Limited in Birmingham England in 1965
Drag Racing the Turner at Santa Pod Raceway in 1966/67
Roy Hot Rodding again at Hennesford Hills in 1965
Roy racing a Daimler Dart at Brands Hatch (1966)
Roy racing his Daimler Dart at Mallory Park in England (1966)
Roy´s Marcos at Curborough and Sue´s Lotus Elan behind
In 1970 Roy built one of his favourite cars a british Vauxhall HB Viva and called it "Stampeder", the car was raced at differant kinds of motorsports events. Stampeder was the perfect allrounder good to drive for sprinting, circuit racing and drag racing. Roy had fun doing it all in this car!
Roy bought Ratfink in the early 1976 from british Dragracer Tony Froome. After making differant modifications the car ended up being stored for one year, due to Roy moving to Germany in August 1976. Roy actually did travel back to England to work on the car, even changing the body at one time, but eventually ended up fitting the original Topollino body. Consequently Roy just did not have the time to keep driving back and forth from Germany to finish the car and ended up selling back to it´s original owener Tony Froome in 1977. The car can actually be seen on the british history website "The Acceleration Archive" as it was raced in the 1970s. Unfortunately Roy never got the chance to actually race the car himself, which he regrets to this day.

Further interesting cars owned by Morspeed Conversion Racing in the 1970s:
Another of Roy´s favourites was his Facel Vega HK 500 a french built car that was powered by a V8
Sue had the smaller Facel Vega with a V6 Engine.
Roy´s Aston Martin
Ofcoarse Morspeed hat to have an American Muscle Car in it´s fleet so a Ford Mustang was bought in 1976