The 1976 - 1984 galery shows the Opel GT years, from when the car was discovered as actually a wreck and slowly built up to become a jewel of a drag car, that bought many successfull years of racing to Tony in the 1980´s.

We have also added some pictures of differant dragsters that Tony´s dad bought or built in the 80´s like the Altered "The Hulk" that still runs today in Germany and is driven by German Driver Julian Rose from the Angelheart Racing Team.

Another interesting Project of Roy´s was his Opel GT Wheelie Car, which we have also included in this galery.
In the Fall of 1976 Roy and Tony discovered the Opel GT, that was roting away in a junk yard. Both Roy and Tony believed that even with the state the car was in, they could restore it to an eyecatcher!
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Okt 1978 the first Test with the Opel GT
on a newly finished Highway
1979 - On the way to the strip, with a pretty
nice tow vehicle a Sunbeam Tiger V8
1979 - Roy doing a burnout at
the Erlensee Dragstrip in Germany
1979 - Roy racing at the Fliegerhorst Dragstrip which actually was an American airbase.
1979 - Roy red-lighting
1979 - in the pits
1979 - Roy racing
1979 - Roy´s last race
April 1980 - Tony´s very first race
1980 - Tony racing
June 1980 - In 1980 the german drag racing club 1. DVD e.V. held their first big international event on an old airstrip in Mainz-Finthen, a couple of weeks before the event a pressconference was held at the city hall of the town. Tony was asked to display his Super Gas Opel GT at the pressconference and answer questons to both the german and us-military press.
Unfortunatly their are very little existing photos of the Event in Mainz-Finthen, the only ones we could get our hands on, were very tiny and hard to reproduce in a larger format.
Tony vs. british driver Andy Craddock in his Altered "Frontliner"
staging lanes
burnoout area
HARA Summer Nationals 1981
Tony´s GT next to his Dad´s newly bought Altered "The Hulk"
Altered "The Hulk" was later sold to an american GI and renamed "One Trick Pony" (1981)
In 1982 Roy built a Wheelie Car again using the body of an Opel GT (1982)
The Opel GT´s in the pits at a HARA Race at the Fliegerhorst Dragstrip Germany (1982)
Tony with the GT in the staging lanes, roy standing next to him in the purple racesuit (1982)
Morspeed Racing - from left: Sue, Roy, Friend Micha, Andrea, Tony and Lutz (1982)
Rolf and Lutz getting Tony ready for a burnout (1982)
Roy in "The Hulk" (1982)
Tony vs. Willi Hestermann in his swedish built Camaro. Willi was the first german to drag race in Germany!
Tony vs. american driver Harvey Dearfield (1982)
Tony´s Team in 1982
from left: Roy, Tony, Lutz and Rolf
The Small Block Chevy - it fits!
The wheelie car "Hi Rider" had an Opel GT Body and an Oldsmobile Toronado Engine that was mounted over the rear axle.
These pictures were taken in 1982 as Roy took the wheelie car out for the first time. At the end of the stip the car came down so hard, that the front flipped right back up causing the car to make a 180 twirl on one rear wheel, it was a breathtaking sight, but roy managed to actually steer the car back around and get it back on the strip in one piece, everybody watching gasped and Roy headed for the rest room.
1983 with new Sponsor Parsget Power
These pictures were taken on May 21st in 1983 at the race after we had rebuilt the engine with new parts, my friend had ordered the wrong size bearings and we ended up with oil smoking out of the exhaust.,
1983 Giebelstadt Germany
1984 at a car show
in the South of Germany
September 1984
Tony´s last race in the Opel GT at the last race held on the Fliegerhorst Dragstrip
This is the car Tony had set his eye on next - Dave Gibbons Altered "Rough Diamond"
former owener Dave Gibbons
1984 - Tony on the phone buying a car
04.11.1984 - Tony drove to England to test drive Dave´s Altered which resulted in a very satisfied Tony and him owning a 23' Altered
Tony trying it out for size
November 1984
Tony´s new wheels at it´s new home