The Galery 1985 - 1991 shows the years Tony drove the 23' Model T Altered and the changes the car went through.
After purchasing the Altered in November 1984, Tony repainted the car in white in early 1985.
Early 1985 Tony took the Altered to the
Auto Technic Museum in Sinsheim Germany
to do some demonstration burnouts
for a special show they had put on
about Drag Racing.
In September 1985 Tony drove to England to participate in the World Finals at Santa Pod Raceway England. His friend and former owner Dave Gibbons crew chiefed for Tony and Richard Hogben another good friend of Tony´s and ex crew chief to Dave came to Santa Pod to help Tony to.
Tony sat in the staging lane waiting
Tony has always had a special relationship with the Dragstrip at Santa Pod, after going to Santa Pod as a boy at the age of 5 he was very excited to be actually driving at Santa Pod for the first time in the Winter of 1984 testing the Altered just after he had bought it from Dave. Tony returned as often as he could the following years.
In May of 2005 Tony was invited to race his good friend Paul Marston's Chevy Monza "100% pure Whoopass", Tony did not hesitate for a moment and booked his flight. He entered the race in two classes Pro-ET and Super Gas, in Super Gas Tony managed to be Top Qualifier and in Pro-ET he was runner-up, he had a great time!
A couple of english drivers and friends visiting in Germany from left: Tony, Roy, Ray and Brian Cross, Robin Reed, Bob Jarret, ?, Sue, Andrea, ? and ?
Tony´s younger sister having a go at racing a VW-Buggy "American Maid" at the age of 17 in Kaiserslautern Germany.
1986 - Eindhoven, Netherlands
1986 - Santa Pod Raceway
Santa Pod Raceway
1986 Santa Pod
1986 Zaandvoort, Netherlands
1986 Zaandvoort - Tony vs. Brian Cross in "Deadly Messiah" in the Finals
1986 - Zaandvoort "A Happy Winner"
1986 - Zeltweg, Austria
In 1986 the two drag racing clubs in Germany 1.DVD and HARA got together and put on the first big international drag race at the Formula One racing circuit in Hockenheim Germany. Before the Race there was a pressconference with a show race that was done the historical way without a christmas tree but with a flag man. Tony was asked to do the demo run for the press, as shown above. The flag man was Mathias Seidler who later bought Roy´s wheele car Hi Rider.
Tony racing at the Hockenheim Event in August 1986
Timeslip from Hockenheim
1987 Ganderkeesee North Germany
1987 - Giebelstadt Germany
1987 - Tony with german Pro Comp Funny Car driver Peter Kruse
1987 - doing demo runs at the Auto Technic Museum in Sinsheim Germany
The Car on display at the Museum in Sinsheim after the demo runs
1987 - Hockenheim
Dave, Tony and Lutz
August 1987 - The second annual International Drag Race at the Formula One Circuit in Hockenheim Germany
1987 - Zaandvoort, Netherlands
1987 - Zaandvoort, Netherlands
1987 - Santa Pod Raceway England
May 1988 - Hockenheim
1989 - new paint job bei Metalflake Germany
1989 - Santa Pod, England
In 1989 Tony was asked to do a demo run in the german TV-Show "Fernsehgarten"
1988 - Giebelstadt Germany
1989 - talking to Hockenheim Promoter Rico Anthes
1989 - Tony
1989 - Staging Lanes at Hockenheim
1989 - on the new Hockenheim Quartermile
1989 - Tony vs. Jerry Lackey in his Heavy Metal Dragster
1990 - Autograph card
1990 - Avon Park England
1990 - Giebelstadt Germany
April 1990 - Tony receiving the Trophy for the Club Championship of the German Drag Race Club 1. DVD e.V.
Tony`s Trophy's 1990
on Display at a Show
April 1990 - Santa Pod Raceway England
May 1990 - Hockenheim Quartermile Germany
May 1990 - Hockenheim
May 1990 - Hockenheim
1990 - Zeltweg Austria
1990 - Zeltweg Austria - before the race an interview was done with Tony and fellow racer Peter Kruse for austrian Television
1990 - Zeltweg Austria
1990 - The Final at Zeltweg Austria - Tony vs. german fellow driver Bernd Seminati in his "Hot 13"
Bernd got a good lead in the Final but going up the hill in the run out area, Bernd lost the body and did a fenomonal job getting a handle on the car. Tony saw everything from behind the car and was glad to his buddy handle it so well. The frame hat minor damage, so Bernd was at the next race the following weekend in Hockenheim Germany, but running without the body.
August 1990 - Hockenheim
Tony waiting with fellow racer Günter Kolb
August 1990 - Hockenheim
August 1990 - Hockenheim Quartermile
Tony vs. Bernd Seminati in "Hot 13
August 1990 - Hockenheim
August 1990 - Hockenheim Quartermile - both runs vs. austrian driver Jörg Schumacher in his Monza bodied Competition Funny Car
1990 - World Finals at Santa Pod Raceway England
A project in 1990 that was unfortunatley never completed, a Volkswagen Passat funnycarWith this design Tony hoped to win Valvoline as a sponsor, but Peter Kruse got the holeshot on the deal.
1991 - Tony reveiving the Club Championship Trophy of the German Drag Racing Club 1. DVD e.V. for the 1990 Championsip
The Trophyparty for the German Drag Racing Series - Tony won the Championship - Peter Kruse in the middle was runner up and Bernd Seminati on the left was 3rd.
Tony´s car at a Drag Racing Show
Tony´s Trophy´s for the Season of 1990
left the HARA Championship - middle the DVD Championship and on the right the Euroseries Championship Trophy
Tony´s last run in the Altered at Hockenheim in May 1990
The new owner of Tony´s car Peter Hug, repainted the car and ran it for the first time in Giebelstadt Germany.
Tony's friend Rolf Nohl offered for Tony to complete the season of 1991 in his Competition Opel GT "The Beast" - this picture was taken of Tony running the car in Luckau Germany.
Tony running Rolf's car in Zeltweg Austria
Tony and fellow competition driver Fred Hestermann
Tony giving an interview for the American Airfoce Network Television
Tony racing Rolf's Opel GT at Hockenheim in August 1991
Tony did the biggest Wheelie ever done in the Opel GT at Hockenheim in August 1991 - what a goodbye!
In December 1991 Tony moved to Orlando Florida and did his NHRA drag racing licence in this Chevy Nova.