1992 - After 12 years of successfull Drag Racing in Europe Tony was now in the US and the first thing on his mind was to find a workshop. In January Tony rented a workshop together with the Manager of Robbie Gentry's Speed Shop Ed Wright, who at the time was racing a Super Gas Dodge Omni. The workshop Tony and Ed rented just happend to be next to the owner and founder of Undercover Chassis - Kurt Damron. Kurt had just started his business a few years earlier and was still growing within the sport. And Tony felt to be in good company as Kurt was also the 1990 Super Comp World Champion.

The next thing on Tony´s mind was getting a race car - but what should he buy? Tony had always liked the 27` Boggie Roadster that came out in the late 80s, but there were however none to be found in that part of the country and if his was so lucky to find one it wasn´t in the price range he was willing to pay.

Then a local racer offered Tony a 27`Roadster that he had built himself and that was in a price range that Tony agreed with. The Roadster was purchased without a motor but with trans.
The car ended up being the wrong choice for Tony, as later when it was built up and ready to race it turned out to be a very tight fit for him - with his knees being way to high, showing out of the car for everybody to see and also turning out to be a rather uncomfortable ride. Even so Tony hit the track in Orlando in late Febuary. Tony had installed a 383 small block Chevy that he had discovered locally and hoped for low nine second runs, now that the car was complete.

After a few races in Orlando Tony's best run was in the 9.70s, but he was not too happy with the performance or with the way the car left the start line. Tony decided to make a phone call to Germany and organize for his brodix heads to be sent from Germany to him in the States so he could pick up the performance of the 27 Roadster. Also Tony consulted Kurt Damron and had him look the car over.

The main problem was the car was leaving with the left front wheel one foot in the air, so Kurt suggested that double adjustable shocks should be fitted and also relocated. Tony gave the go ahead and the Undercover team went to work. Back at Orlando Speedworld Tony tried the car at a couple of races, running a best time of 9.55s, this time the car was much better on the track but still to slow.

Around May while waiting in the staging lanes, a tech inspector noticed how much Tony's knees stuck out of the car. He asked Tony if he could please address this before coming out next time and this turned out to be the last time Tony would drive the 27`Roadaster as he himself was just not happy with the whole package. Not long after deciding to part with the 27`Roadster .
Purchased March 1992
Chassis Built in the late 80s out of Chrome Moly
Rear End Ford 9 inch Strange centre section fitted with a 4.89 richmond gear, was first built with a ladder bar and then changed to a
mini four link and Strange double adjustable coil/over
Engine 383ci small block Chevy with brodix alloy heads 
with around 11:1 comp
Carb BLP Rework gas 850cfm
Transmission J W Performance 2 Speed power glide
with trans brake and 5500 stall converter
Ignition MSD 7AL2 with 2 step
Best Time 8:85 - Best time of the car
9:55 - Best time for Tony with the car
Tony saw that Kurt had a customers car come in on trade, it was a 23` four link with a big block Chevy and turn key. Kurt asked Tony if he would like to try it out and at the same time upgrade his licence to Super Comp which Tony went a long and did. After that a deal was done and Tony had once again a new car.

Before Tony began stripping the new car down for some upgrades, he drove down to Moroso to the Super Chevy Race to test his new ride in competition. After the race the chassis was stripped to the bare chassis and a new roll cage was fitted with some other new additions, plus a new front end to give it a cleaner look and the motor got a once over to. Tony´s plans were to get the car ready in time for the begining of the 1993 racing season.

While Tony was out at Orlando Speedworld with Kurt testing Kurt´s new racecar a local driver called Wild Bill Collier showed up with his Austin Bantum that was fitted with a BB Chevy that ran 8.50s. Tony had met Bill previously and Bill asked Tony if he would mind driving his car as Bill wanted to watch his own car come off the start line, of course Tony jumped at the opportunity, he made about six runs that day all in the 8.60s and at the same time gathered a lot of valuable informantion, on using delay boxes and went .501 with a near perfect light - Kurt however out did Tony with a .500 light. Tony went on to run Wild Bill's altered several times in Orlando at "Quick 32" races and bracket races. The last race was in Gainesville at the season end race of Division 2 in S/C and this would also be Tony´s very first Super Comp event.
Apart from driving Wild Bill's car, the other highlight of that year was seeing the first 300mph run at the Gatornationals that year while crewing for Ed Wright in Super Gas.

1993 - Tony's goal for the 1993 racing season was to attend a few Divisional events and to race in Super Comp, so that he could learn more about throttle stops and timer settings. Tony had also planned on racing at Orlando Speedworld at their weekly bracket program in Super Pro if his funds permitted this.

After receiving the chassis back from Undercover Chassis where it had been, for some updating which included a newly designed front end that Undercover were fitting onto their latest ´23 roadsters.

Tony´s race car was finished in time to test before his first race, which was at Lakeland Drag Strip in Florida, which is a track with a history going way back!
Tony made four runs and everything worked to his complete satisfaction and after testing was completed the team competed at their first race that season, which was at Moroso Motorsports Park near West Palm Beach. Tony lost first round but was still happy just to be racing with his own car again.

Tony competed in one further Super Comp race that year, which was at Gainesville Raceway and again he lost first round.

For the rest of the racing season that year Tony raced at Orlando Speedworld at least once a month, his best result was a third round finish which he managed a couple of times, but was actually not even half way through the race - as it took seven rounds to get to the final.