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Since Decemer 6th Tony has been preparing his Dragster for the 2010 season. Check out how he has been doing.
January 1st - The crankshaft is now in the block and all the engine parts are clean. The rods and pistons may be in by next weekend.
January 8th - We had another good week preparing the dragster.

Tony got his physical yesterday his NHRA licence for 2010 is in the mail.

The trans shied got it's recertificatition and we took the ultra bell to JW Performance for it's recertificatition, we should be able to pick it up next Friday.

The rods and pistons are now back in the block, so everythings coming together nicely.

January 15th - We put the transmission back together and BLP took care of the fuel pump this week with a rebuild so that's good to go and we are getting closer.

A big thank you to JW Performance and Tom Waters for taking care of the re-cert so fast.

January 29th and we have come a long way, the heads, oil pan and front cover are now on the motor.
January 29th 11:30am
1:30pm - picking up the car
8.30pm - The transmission is in the car and we decided to call it a day and do the rest the next day.
January 30th - Well it's back together but without the cooler, it has to be checked because of a leak we discovered.
5.00pm - Driving it into the trailer
We will racing at the first Division II Race in Bradenton from Febuary 12th - 14th - so keep your fingers crossed!

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December 6th
For the first time after at least one year Tony got his Dragster out of the storage container in order to begin getting the car ready for the 2010 season.
Hmmm let´s see if we can find where we put the motor!
On December 20th the rings graped and pistons are cleaned, the bearings in the main caps and ready to check the clearances.

March 15th 2009
Tony´s Race review will follow shortly.


Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
V. Fera
T. Ratliff
J. Napolitano
J. Sosebee

March 9th 2009
Florida Nationals
Tony´s Race review will follow shortly.

Round 1
Round 2

On Thursday evening I flew into Orlando International Airport and Tony picked me up from the Terminal. We headed home and got a good nights sleep before heading to the track on Friday morning, after picking the dragster up from Vic´s workshop in Meritt Island.

Tony headed for Tech as I headed straight for the grand stands to indulge on some good american drag racing. I enjoyed watching every run as I sat there in the sun, which was a welcome change for me as it is still very cold at home in Germany even though winter is officially over. After a couple of hours I realised I had indulged a little to much sun as I was red as a tomato.

I stayed the whole weekend and enjoyed the race very much, even though Tony was out in the second round, hopefully he will do better next weekend at the Gatornationals. Even though I will not be going because I had to fly back to Germany on Sunday to be back in the office on Monday.

The journey was well worth it for me being able to go to our sister Julie´s wedding and see my niece and watch my brother race, made it a great weekend for me! Check out the pictures here and in the galerie.

the first time run
Staging Lanes
always check out what everybody else is up to
Staging Lanes
Ready to rumble
ready for the second time run
burn out
2nd round on Sunday morning

March 3rd 2009
Stampeder found
The week following Bradenton Vic and Tony showed up in Gainesville for the next round of the division 2 championship. Both went through tech quickly as they didn't arrive at the track until 9.45am Friday morning and most of the racers had already gone through tech. 

Tony's first hit at the track was at 12.41pm in the right lane, with .010 in the delay box Tony had a -.007 red light. The ET was a 8.793 @176.40mph and he had 2.76 in the timer. He then ran again in the right lane at 3.16pm this time with .020 in the delay box. The board lit up with a .000 for his RT, he felt he was in the zone and ran the car out to a 8.816 @176.65mph with 2.90 in the timer. The run at first didn't make sense but after watching some other cars go down the track he could see that the other racers were all running way under their dial in. The tail wind had picked up and the weather had gotten better. 

The next day S/C got just one time run, so Tony put .20 in the timer to check his ratio with the T/Stop out, they also had a head wind. This time in the left lane and with still .020 in the delay box he went .006 on the tree, running a 8.983 @174.23mph with the 3.10 in the timer. 

On Sunday round one for S/C was after Super Street who ran their second round first thing, so at 10.41am Tony ran round one. He would be running a dragster he had run before and he knew he was going to be running around the 150mph mark, so this meant he had to be at least next to the other dragster going through the finish line. The RT's were close Tony's was only .001 better with a .022 to a .023 and the race was very close too with Tony taking the win by .0076 and his opponent running a 8.909 @150.16mph and Tony a 8.903 @173.72mph with 3,02 in the timer. 
The next round got bumped down later into the day so that the bigger classes could run on time. They got to run at 2.20pm and again Tony's RT was around the same with a .024, he had seen many racers going red so he left the delay the same as round one .035 in the box. He would have the other dragster covered with a .024 against a.041 but lost the race when the car just was to slow, his opponent ran a dead on 8.906 and Tony dumped to a 8.970 @168.14mph he would have ran a 8.95 if he had ran it out. So he had to much time in the timer for the weather, somewhere around 2.90 instead of 3.02. 
The next event is in Orlando for round three div2 March 6-8 so stay tuned. I am looking forward to joining Tony to whatch him race, flying into Orlando on Thursday evening and back out after the race on Sunday evening. The weather is looking to be nice, so I should get to see some good racing, before returning back to Germany, were the racing season begins in April.


March 3rd 2009
Stampeder found
In November 2007 Tony received an email from Alishia Laymance letting him know that she had found Tony's website while searching the internet for Opel GT's. Alishia knew where Tony's first race car was and that it was still around. Infact it was her father Bobby Laymance who Tony had sold the Opel GT to in the summer of 1985 .
Bobby got in touch with Tony and filled him in on what he had done with the Opel over the last 23 years. He told him that these days he mostly takes the car to car shows and cruises, it still had a small block chevy and now has a turbo 350 trans. Bobby has made many changes to the car over the years, like a tube chassis and also customizing the body with Suicide Doors and he still enjoys it today. 
Tony and Bobby are planning on meeting up some day soon.

20 Febuary 2009
After checking the points standing on the NHRA website today I was really pleased to see Tony up their in third place of the overall points in the States. So I hope he does well this weekend!


19 Febuary 2009
Racing Again
Tony was not planing on racing much this year as the motor is out of his dragster and waiting for the repairs to be made. This is Tony's 30th year in drag racing and with everything that's going on right now even Tony had to slow down and count penny's. The plan was to get the motor together over the summer and look at a late summer start.
Then Tony was asked by Vic Fera if he would like to race Tim Hutherson's dragster, that now is owned by Vic. Vic is looking at selling it and thought it would be a good idea if the dragster is seen by potential buyers and also to see if there is any interest. So last weekend on the 13th Vic and Tony went to the first division 2 event at Bradenton. After Tony got the chassis re-certed and was teched in, he got ready for his first time run. He tried setting it up like his own dragster, but it didn't work out as the car ran way to slow - so back to the drawing board. On his second try he was closer with a 8.70et at 175mph, the third and fouth run were in the ball park with a 8.93 and then a 8.87et. 

First round was delayed until Sunday morning and was the second class out after Super Street. Round one and Tony had a .021 to a .038, Tony pushed the other racer out to a 8.885 letting him take the strip, running a 8.922 @174.12mph. 

Round two Tony had a great .004 rt to a .027 and again the other racer went to fast with a 8.885, Tony was safe with a 8.913 @172.44mph. 

Round three he would lose his left lane that he had been running on, however the right lane had a .071rt and Tony a .006rt. This racer was T/stopping at the end of his run so Tony still had to be on his game, Tony ran a 8.931 @166.79mph against a 8.881 @123.13mph Tony took the strip by .0152 of a second. 

Round four was a close one as Tony knew this racer was just as fast as he was or faster, he was right Tony was being ran down this time and took the strip first by .0148 running a 8.935 @173.61mph to 8.945 @172.28mph. The reaction times were .014 for Tony and .018rt. 

Round five would be dragster against door car (1970 Oldsmobile) both had good lights not great Tony .020 and the Olds a .019rt. Tony took the strip but went to fast running a 8.91 @170.29 and the Olds a 8.901et sending Tony home. 

This weekend they are planning on running at Gainesville at the next division 2 event so stay tuned!

Febuary 16th
New racing season underway
Well we haven´t written in the blog since September but that certainly doesn´t mean that nothing happend at Tony Morris Racing. After Tony´s European Tour he continued racing for the rest of the season in Florida, unfortunately he had a technical problem at the end of the season, which is being repaired at present by Tony´s good friend and fellow racer Vic Fera. Also Tony had the opportunity to race last weekend in one of Vic´s cars and started the year of going five rounds which as we say in England "chuffed" Tony up! So at present we are waiting for Tony´s input so we can fill the blog with a little life.

See you back soon.