Monday - 5th Dec. 2005
Raceblog Snowbirds Nationals, Bradenton

We are back with the latest news from Tony and Tim and their results from the last event for 2005 at the Snowbirds Outlaw Nationals at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida.

After Tim and April took delivery of their new motor home on the Teusday before the Snowbird event, both teams were eager to get to the track. Tim and April took off for the track on the Friday morning to compete in the bracket race, while Tony checked out the PRI 2005 (Performance Racing Industry) show in Orlando.

On the Friday Tim had some good time runs with his best being a 7.62 @ 173mph. When first round came around Tim lost due to his RT and decided to park the dragster until the Saturday morning.

Early Saturday morning at the racetrack in Bradenton and Tony was knocking on the door at 7.30 am ready to make some runs. By 9.00 am Tony had made his first run in S/C with a 8.86 @ 159mph, which was just a little too fast but on the right side of the indes his RT was -.027 (red). Then no sooner back at the trailer he was up to the stading lanes for his next run which would be a S/P time run – this time with Tim close behind him.

Tim ran a 8.91 @ 158mph RT .024. After a short wait Tony and Tim where called back up to the staging lanes for another S/C run and again Tony went a 8.886 but this time with a RT of –0,11 (red) and Tim running a 8.84.

Tony was pleased with how his car was running and for the last pass of the day an S/P class (bracket race) time run he ran the car wide open running a 8.123 @ 161mph and an RT of .005.

After that Tony and Tim sat back for the rest of the day and watched the bigger classes run.

Sundays raceday awoke to great weather and the first class to run was the bracket race. Tim didn´t make it through first round and bought himself back into the race for the second round.

Tony was lucky as his first round component red lighted and Tony claimed the win. Tony had dialed in at 8.90 and had run a 8.88 so his raceday had started out running well for him.

Next up was Super Comp and Tim won first round no problem, Tony not so lucky this time had let o of the trans brake button way to soon resulting in a -.167 RED light.

Then due to a rather big Pro Mod accident the race was shortened to 1/8 mile with the clean up of the accident taking up two hours of race time. After the delays Tony and Tim were know racing in the dark which Tony happens to really enjoy.

Tony made it to the next round running a 5.834 on a 5.83 dial in. Tim was not so lucky as his component had the better package that round.

The Third round turned out to be the last run of the year for Tony, as he also was beaten on the start line after his component left the line with a .002 light against Tony´s .013 and with a .004 off his dial-in Tony had no chance to get in on the action against a .006 package.

Tim´s last run was be shortly after Tony´s in the second round of S/C, Tim red lighted on the line and with that was done for the year to.

The team still had a great weekend of racing, enjoying the weather and watching lots of good racing and fast cars. The race itself had lot´s to offer with the fastest Pro Mod run a 6.10 and the outlaw class not far behind that with a 6.20s run. The most enjoyable thing was watching Bob Gidden racing and winning in a 10.5 tire class that was awesome. There were a couple of big named drivers at the racetrack like Scotty Connon and Ricky Smith.


Monday - 14th Nov. 2005
2005 Review

The Team is pleased with the results they accomplished this year. Being under the top 100 super comp drivers of the nation is a great feeling, with Tim being in 55 th and Tony in 75 th position.

Tony is also very happy with his performance this year, that took him too the 15 th place of the NHRA´s Southeast Division II points standing.

Tim and Tony are allready looking forward to the racing season of 2006 and hope to top their achievments of 2005.

Team Webmaster

Saturday, Nov. 12th, 2005
The Teams Living Quarters

At present we are on a racing hold, as Tim and April await their new motor home. The old motorhome has been sold on and did well the last two years, making the team feel at home at the race track.

Tim and April expect to have the new motorhome by December, just in time for the Snowbird Nationals at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida.

The new motorhome has a 8ft longer box than the previous one, so 32ft should offer comfortable living quarters to the team at the racetrack.

The Snowbird Nationals is the first weekend of December and has three bracket races puls a super comp race on Sunday.

The Snowbird Nationals will be the teams last event of the 2005 racing season.


Sunday, Oct. 23rd, 2005
Raceblog Silver Dollar Raceway - Second Round

We are now on the road driving home, after driving up to the staging lanes for the second round. I won the coin toss for lane choice, so I got my left lane again.

I set the car up on waht I thought would be a 8.89. tjere were a few drivers getting red-lights in front of me so I put .04 in my box again seeing as I had .022 the round before thinking I should be safe.

I took the finsh line by .0077 and lost because I broke out with a 8.887 I used the brakes a little to tight up the finish line dropping 3mph. My RT was a.039 and the other racers was .022 and he went 8.908 winning the round.

So after our 8th race this season we got 10 points adding up to a total of 242 points for this season. First Round.

This morning the weather was even cooler than yesterday with the temperature in the low 50s.

First round is now in the bag with Tony running first and a first round win, with a 8.919 over a 8.905, his RT was .022.

Tim was not so lucky as he gave up the finish line and gave the other racer the win running a 8.932 over a 8.915.

01. 2794 S/C Billy Walker, Lawrenceville GA, Undercover 8.901 8.90 0.001
02. 2231 S/C Frank Altilio, Ocoee FL, Undercover-Chevy 8.902 8.90 0.002
03. 2062 S/C Todd Ewing, Cullman AL, Forrester-Chevy 8.911 8.90 0.011
04. 3 S/C Rock Haas, White Lake MI, Undercover-Chevy 8.915 8.90 0.015
05. 2740 S/C Kurt Damron Jr, Fruitland Park FL, Underco 8.915 8.90 0.015
06. 2414 S/C Tony Morris, Winter Garden FL, Undercover- 8.919 8.90 0.019
07. 220 S/C Steve Deatherage, Rockledge FL, Undercover 8.921 8.90 0.021
08. 23 S/C Jim Perry, Orlando FL, RaceTech-Chevy 8.924 8.90 0.024
09. 8 S/C David Tatum III, Palmetto GA, Mullis-Chevy 8.933 8.90 0.033
10. 2772 S/C Ray Miller, Spring Hill FL, Miller-Chevy 8.952 8.90 0.052
11. 2232 S/C Jim Nash, Ooltewah TN, Dragster-Chevy 8.962 8.90 0.062
12. 2936 S/C William Iaccheri, Hudson FL, Zufall-Chevy 8.982 8.90 0.082
13. 398L S/C Beverly Farnsworth, Terre Haute IN, Spitze 9.007 8.90 0.107
14. 6104 S/C Brad Plourd, Kent WA, Mullis-Chevy 9.011 8.90 0.111
15. 202 S/C Steve Cohen, Trilby FL, Mullis-Chevy 9.093 8.90 0.193
16. 2471 S/C Lucas Ritschl, Jacksonville FL, Dragster-C 9.096 8.90 0.196
17. 3015 S/C Bill Yates Sr., Johnstown OH, Mullis-Chevy 9.568 8.90 0.668
18. 2706 S/C Mickey Whaley, Kinston NC, Undercover-Chev 8.899 8.90 -0.001
19. 4094 S/C John Brener, Abita Springs LA, Dragster-Ch 8.898 8.90 -0.002
20. 2246 S/C Melissa Hutson, Lady Lake FL, Undercover-C 8.898 8.90 -0.002
21. 233A S/C Chuck Trotter, Orlando FL, '88 Thunderbird 8.895 8.90 -0.005
22. 2463 S/C Kenneth Hogle, Trenton FL, Undercover-Chevy 8.887 8.90 -0.013
23. 226C S/C Keith Nazworthy, Green Cove Springs FL, Su 8.866 8.90 -0.034
24. 2115 S/C Rodney Byrd, Montevallo AL, RaceTech-Chevy 8.866 8.90 -0.034
25. 2430 S/C Sam Mitchell Jr, Talbotton GA, Undercover- 8.862 8.90 -0.038
26. 2176 S/C Eric Jones, Zephyrhills FL, Tin Man-Chevy 8.838 8.90 -0.062

Saturday Oct. 22nd, 2005
Raceblog Silver Dollar Raceway

This morning we awoke to a cooler day as yesterday, it was just about in the 80s and today the temperature is in the upper 60s.

We hit the track at 11.15 with Tim running first and right in front of me. When a 8.80 came up on the board, I added some more numbers to my timer (2.12 now) and ran a 8.858 @ 159.63mph.

Tim's RT was .004 and I had a .012 with .04 in the delay box. I had lowered the startline chip to 5000 because of the cooler weather, so I was happy with the results.

Our next run was at 1.15 so I ran first this time, so Tim could watch. Again with .04 in the delay box and running in the other lane I had a .014 light. I added some more time to the timer to try and slow it down a bit more, this time running a 8.881 right where we needed it to be.

Tim added 20 numbers to his timer too, checked the ratio again and ran a 8.913 @ 169.93 and his RT was a.032.

The results of our two runs for the super pro race tonight where:
Tim's best run was a 7.66 @ 173.38 with a RT of .014
Tony ran a 8.191 @160.82 with a RT of .011

The results of the super pro race:
Tim lost second round with a .048 light to his oponents .025 light and then broke out with a 7.684 @ 163.67 on a 7.70 dial in.
Tony made it to the third round after losing first round and then buying back into the race.

A red light -.011 ended his raceday in super pro


Friday Oct. 21st, 2005
Raceblog Silver Dollar Raceway

We arrived at the Silver Dollar Raceway Friday morning at 2.30 am, after a 5 and a 1/2 hour drive. We parked and got ready to go to tech inspection.

We were the 5th class out to run and things were moving fast as we made our first hit at 12:47. Our first run was next to each other and ee both had good lights Tim with a .016 green and me with a -.008 red.

I had .020 in my delay box and Tim .045 in his. Our ET's were both 8.896. Tim´s speed was 169.00 mph and mine was 158.24 mph. My car is set up so the T/STOP comes on at .05 and I never change it at an event, only when the car go`s back to full throttle.

On the first run it was set at 1.94, the car shifted into 2nd on time and shifted at 1.00 second out, this is also never changed within an event.

Our next run was at 2:24. Tim went a 8.834 @ 169.72 mph and I went a 8.842 @ 158.00 mph. This time I had 1.80 in the timer, to check the ratios. Tim had a .022 light and I had a .032 (yes I missed it).

Today we both got lucky because we got a third run in. Tim went a 8.881 @169.91 RT was .009 and I went a 8.874 with 1.96 in the box RT was -.003 red with .03 in the delay box this was also in the other lane to see if there is any difference.

This weekend they had a gambler's race on Friday night that we both entered. In the first round I ended up with a -.114 red light, so I ran it out to a 8.895 @ 158.58. Tim won first round with a 8.913 on the brakes taking the finish line by .0054 over a 8.905 his RT was a .020, the next round he was not so lucky as he lost on the start line as he had a .031 RT and his oponent had a .005 - he gave the finish line up by dumping hard and ran a 8.939 @ 161.40.

Saturday we should get at least two time runs and then there is also a Super Pro ET bracket race, which we will both enter in.


15th October, 2005
Preparing for Georgia

Our next race is at the Silver Dollar Raceway in Georgia on October 21st -23rd. This will be the seventh and final Division 2 event for the year.

At present we are in 14th place with 232 points, which means we need to go three rounds to finish in the top ten, thats if nobody betters their position.

Our goal is to try and finish the year in the top ten in our division. Last year my racing partner Tim finished 6th and is in now in 12th position, so maybe we can both get some good results for the end of the season.

We would also like to congratulate our good friend and german Top Methanol Racer Timo Habermann, who turned 22 on the 11th of October and today is celebrating his Birthday in Langenselbold Germany. Wish we could come to the party, maybe next year!

See you at the races!