September 19th, 2006
After a two month break from racing Tony made his way down to Bradenton MotorsportsPpark for the yearly " Best of Both Worlds " Event with  $10K paydays, which is a 1/4 mile race and then the $5K that runs after the $10k is down to around 16 cars.
Tony arrived Saturday morning on the third day of the event, with over three hundred race cars in the pits. Each car got one time run before racing began, this would also be a run for the money which was $10 and the best package took home 1/2 the pot.
At 11:19am Tony made his one time run trying to run as close to the end of time runs as possible. After going through some old log books Tony put 1.160 in the delay box hoping that would put him right around the magic .000 RT. He did not enter the run for the money so when the car left the start line all could see that Tony was back with a great light a .003 on the score board. Then when Tony got his time slip he was over the moon running a super 7.560 @176.22mph which was the first time he had run in the 7.50s zone.
$10K Race Round oneTony had to run a dragster with a dial in of 7.17 so Tony would go first, Tony's dial in was a 7.55 so he could run it out the back door. He won this round because of his RT which was a .012 against a .024  running a 7.565 @175.91mph - he was safe as his opponent dumped to a 7.196 @187.26mph.
Round two
This round Tony was racing against a friend from Orlando Tommy Shirley also in a dragster.
Tommy's dial in was a 7.60 so Tony went up to a 7.56 dial in, both drivers were very late on the start line even though they both felt they had hit the tree on time. Tommy having a .076 RT and Tony .050 RT, Tony would take the finish line by .0089 by tapping the brakes running a 7.572 @174.79 and Tommy a 7.594 @ 175.88 so on to the next round. Round threeTony almost got to the lanes to late being the last two cars down the track, his opponent was IHRA Top Dragster Champ Troy Williams Jr. who was the runner up on the first day of this event. Tony's dial in was 7.56 and Troy's 7.53 only Troy also had nitrous. Troy won on the start line with a .008 against Tony's .033, then around mid track Troy used the nitrous to drive along side Tony's dragster. Tony ran it out hoping Troy was going to brake out as he took the finish line by .0048 before him. But it was Tony who to breaked out with and even faster 7.547 @175.95mph ( great ) and Troy a 7.538 @ 173.01mph. $5K Race Round oneNow it was 6:54pm and the first round of the second chance race. Tony's best 1/8 mile ET in his four runs was a 4.795 @144.02mph. So he put a 4.79 on the car thinking it may run a little faster as now it was over 10F cooler. His opponent again being a dragster dialed in at 4.78 Both had the same RT .037 and Tony was ahead just after the 330ft mark going into the strip Tony tapped the brakes running a 4.803 @141.30mph over a 4.808 @142.60mph with Tony taking the win by .0156. On this run the car ran it's first 1.07 60ft with a 1.079.
Round two
This round Tony was put into the right lane for the first time as all of his other runs were in the left lane. Tony put a 4.80 dial in on the car as the right lane was normally slower and the other dragster had a 4.74 dial in. This was a great race as Tony took the win by .0084 having a RT .021 running a 4.804 @139.14mph, by pumping the throttle going into the finish line Tony forced his opponent to go under by .004. Round threeThis round was over when Tony's opponent red lighted by -.005, Tony put a 4.80 on the car and after seeing the red light used the brakes going into the finish line as not to show what the car could run and putting a 4.797 @139.88mph on the board. Round fourIn this round Tony would have to race his old boss chassis builder and former 1990 super comp world champion Kurt Damron. Tony's dial in was a 4.79 and Kurt's a 4.69.  Kurt's RT time was a .035 which Tony would better by going .028, this would be Tony's tightest race of the weekend with Kurt winning by .0005. Tony blipped the throttle once which was all Kurt needed to get the win. Kurt ran a 4.699 @145.96 and Tony 4.806 @140.47 
Sunday $10K
Tony would make his fastest run of the weekend on his time run Sunday morning here is the run:

RT  .021
60ft    1.0723
30ft 3.084
1/8 4.785
MPH  143.97
1000ft    6.272
1/4   7.537
MPH  175.74
Round one
Tony´s opponents dial in was a 7.52 and Tony's a 7.55, he had a good light in round one a .012 but the car shook around the 60ft mark losing time (1.095), when he dumped to a 7.598 @172.74 this gave his opponent the win.

Now the season is over for Tony as he is now trying to get Vic's Duster done by the end of the year. Next year is uncertain at this point but we will be keeping the news coming on Tony´s raceblog.
September 10th, 2006
Hello all,at this time I would like to thank all who checked in here on the webpage every now and then, I get a big kick when reading the guest book and to hear from some old and new friends is just great.
As some of you may have heard Tim and I have ended are racing partnership and Lynn and I do wish Tim and April further racing success for the future.
It was a great three years of racing and I met many new friends and saw much more of the states.
With the cost of racing and living going up and up I felt it was time to slow down, at first we thought it would be best to sell the dragster. Now we have decided we are going keep it and just lay low for a while.
This weekend is the 5 DAY Event at Bradenton where you can win $10.000 each day, for an entry fee of $150 which is great, also on three of the five days there is a second chance race for $5.000.
I will be there on Friday afternoon and I will try my luck first at the second chance race. Then on Saturday I will race in the $10.000 race and so on.
Dave Hartman has taken my race car over to Bradenton. Dave drove my dragster in the last Division 2 race unfortunatley red lighting in first round with a -.006.So I´d like to say Thanks to Dave for taking my car down to Bradenton for me. Thanks for checking out my RaceblogTony
September 4th, 2006
"Hauling Home"
Tony had a great time at this years US Nationals in Indianapolis and enjoyed the whole week seeing friends from all over the country and watching the best racing in the world.   
September 1st, 2006
"Indy Report"
After a late start the racing got under way, Super Comp being called to the lanes around 11.30am. Tony lost his race even though he had the better light with a .015 (D-BOX .035) against his opponents .024. Tony ran a 8.879 @ 166.76 (Timer 2.06) against a 8.905 @ 168.30. Second round will be Saturday morning with 76 cars still left in super comp.
August 31st, 2006
Tony arrived at Indy at 4.30pm Monday afternoon and once parked he left the race track to do some shopping for a week of racing. The US Nationals is a whole week affair, with parking on Monday, tech on Tuesday and two time runs for Stock, S/G, Super Stock and S/C on Wednesday. Time runs started a little late due to a delay caused by rain, but all four classes got there time runs in, with around 650 cars from just four classes the pace was very fast. S/C having 160 cars entered and almost all the hitters are here from all over the country. Tony ran a 8.889 @ 169.85, he had 2.00 in the timer and his RT was a great with a .000 having .020 in the delay box. The next session and this time Tony was running in the dark as it was 8.43pm, with 1.98 in the timer Tony went 8.847 @ 170.51 with a RT of .044 and .030 in the box. Today Super Comp will get one more time run and then it´s off into round one on Friday morning.
"Bowling Green"
After the racing in Memphis the Team loaded up the car and headed to Nashville to park the rig at Sonney's a S/G racer and drive back to Florida in Vi´c Fera´s truck.
In the back of the truck was Tony`s transmission, which had failed him in round one.
Wednesday night Tony drove over to Vic's workshop to help Vic who was repairing the transmission. By 11pm the trans was almost ready apart from one thrush washer which Vic got on Thursday and then he button it up.

At 7.30pm once again Tony was leaving Florida heading for Bowling Green. Rolling into Bowling Green at 9.00am. Tony got his trans in to the car in time for the first time run.

Here are the runs:

Tony RT D-BOX ET TIMERTime run 1 -.018 .020 8.859 @ 172.30 2.06Time run 2   .010 .050 8.890 @ 172.87 2.13Time run 3 -.018 .040 8.935 @ 171.38 2.10

Round 1 .015 .050 8.923 @ 156.44 1.98
Would have run 8.867 @171.00

In Round one Tony had to run a dragster that was from the Orlando area and he knew that his opponent runs in the high 150mph range. So Tony set the car up fast. The other driver was better on the tree with a .007 light - Tony was next to him by 1000ft and was trying to take the strip by as little as possible, but when he lifted off the gas for a moment he could not get back around him and lost the race by .005 A close race that Tony should have won, his opponent ran a 8.927 @ 158.00.
August 30th, 2006
On August 17th the team left Florida heading for Memphis for the O'Reilly Midsouth Nationals. This would be the first race with the 565 in Super Comp and as Tony had only the two runs he had made in Orlando with the Throttle stop, so he needed to get a good base line.

On the first run Tony wanted to try and go faster than the 8.90 index and then take it slower on the second run. Tony picked 1.80 for the timer for his first run and .020 in the delay box, his ET was 8.769 @ 171.99 with a RT of .055 - yes a little rusty!

The next run Tony added .060 to the timer so now it was set to 2.40 which should slow the car down into the 9.00 seconds, which it did with a 9.053 @ 170.21 and a -.010 RT with .005 in the box. And with that then had enough infomation to set the car up for the rest of the weekend.

The third run was on the money when he ran a 8.907 @170.51 with 2.08 in the timer and a RT of -.007 with .020 in the box.

Saturday the guys got one more time run in the morning and then it was round one at the end of the day after the Pros ran.

On his last time run Tony ran a 8.896 @ 171.47 with 2.04 and a RT of .-017 with .032 in the box. In round one Tony was up against Ron Ekys and lost the run on the start line as Ron had a .006 and Tony a .028, the ET for Tony was 8.910 @ 169.00 and Ron´s a 8.92.

From Memphis the team travelled on to Bowling Green to run at a Division 3 event, which we will have a full report on tomorrow and also the first info from the US Nationals at Indy where Tony and his friends  Vic Fera and Tim Hutcherson are racing this week beginning Wednesday with their first two time run

So don´t forget to come back!
August 29th, 2006
"Latest Update"
Since our last report Tony and the Team have been busy. Tony´s last three races began with Orlando´s Bracket Race on July 8th, for track points, which Tony was not planing to run at as he knew that this was the day he would be returning home from his holiday with his wife Lynn which they enjoyed very much in the Smokey Mountains in Blowing Rock NC.

After Tony had called to see how his friends Tim and Vic were doing they asked "your going to make it tonight for the the race right?" when Tony told them he would not make it in time to make a time run, their reply was "you show up you don't need some time runs". So Tony put he foot down taking Lynn home first and making it to the track, just in time to get to end of the staging lanes for round one. So it was round one and Tony was ready to go with a dial in of 7.70. Tony set off with a reaction time of .024 and 1.165 in the delay box running a 7.739 @167.09 on the brakes winning the round.
Second round and Tony dialed in at 7.71 so he had some ET in his back pocket and also adjusting the delay box down to 1.155 as the weather was not as good as the month before when he had last raced the car.Again Tony won the round with a .000 reaction time and on the brakes running a 7.738 @ 166.91. The next round he went back to 1.165 in the delay box and had a .023 light and with a 7.71 dial in run flat out at 7.748 @ 173.61 as from the 1/8 mile on the track had gone away.

A week later Tony made it to the fourth round in Orlando which he did not want to lose in, as it was already 1am and the winners of that round would split the prize money, which was around $300 each for seven racers. Tony´s hit his best light of the night with a .007 with his best run being in round one with a 7.712 @ 174.58.

The next race was on August 12Th. Tony had made one time run as it was now the middle of summer and really hot at 94F (34.8C) at 6.54pm so he knew the track was not there yet and .053 RT and a 7.797 @173.21 prooved it.

In round one Tony ran against his friend Vic and redlighted by -.005 with 1.140 in the delay box. As there was a chance to buy back into round two this was not a big deal and the two friends split the buy back fee of $20. Tony´s ET was 7.755 @ 173.21.

In round two Tony ran with 1.150 in the delay box and a dial in of 7.77, he had to run Vince in his 23 Roadster with a small block Dodge who´s dial in was a 8.75 and at the age of 71 can still hold his own.
Both had close lights Vince a .029 and Tony a .027 Vince took the finish line but was under his dial in running a 8.728 and Tony running a 7.775 @171.42 after running on the brakes.

The next round Tony was up against a 80s Mustang dialing in at 10.77, both drivers were a little late on the start line with the Mustang being better with .033 against Tony´s .038 (1.150 D-BOX) however Tony took the finish line on the brakes running a 7.771 on a 7.77 dial in winning the round.

It was 11.48pm and Tony was going into round four. Tony´s opponent in the other lane also in a Dragster (Chassis Craft) had been dialing 7.85 all night, running against Tony he changed his dial in and went up to 7.86 with  Tony staying with 7.77. This round was over at the start line as the other dragster went red -.083 giving Tony the round win, Tony ran the car to about 1250-1300ft and dumped as not to show his hand! Even so the car still ran a 7.739 @ 165.01 - if he had ran it out his car would have run a 7.69.

In round five Tony was running against Bill Mutter in his SG 79 Camaro, who Tony had run against a few races back. Again Bill made a great race out of it, with Bill having a .024 RT and Tony a .009 the Camaro was dialed in with a 9.92 and Tony with a 7.75. Tony took the finish line by .0143 and the win as both cars broke out but Bill by .001 more than Tony. Bill ran a 9.908 and Tony a 7.739 @ 160.51 what a race!

Round six and Tony again was up against another Camaro this time a 1969, this racer dialed in at 9.702 and Tony at 7.72. The Camaro got the jump with a .022 RT Tony being late with a .030. If Tony had ran it out he may have won as he braked and did not get to the finish line first running a 7.759 @ 167.72 The car was only going to run a 7.72 at best as the track had started to go away after the 1000ft mark. The Camaro won with a 9.702 and advanced into the final losing to Tony's friend Scot Fifield in his 1970 Pontiac.

At the being of August Tim and Vic drove to Atco in NJ, where they ran in three $20 000 bracket race. Tim was running in the high 7.60s ET when on Friday he made it to round three which he won, after the run he discovered that there was a problem with his motor and because of this could not go up for the next round. Vic also made it to round four that day.
n the Saturday Tony got a phone call from Tim asking if he could drive Tony´s car as it was in the trailer, of course Tony was enthusiastic at the idea of Tim driving his car and wished both good luck.
Tim got one time run and ran a car best ET of 7.61 @ 175.00. Tim and Vic did not make it passed second round, with Vic not being able to compete on the Sunday as the ring gear on his car had broken.
Tim tried his luck again this time trying some bigger Tyre's on Tony´s car but lost a close race in the second round.
more to come shortly............... 
August 22nd, 2006
"Hauling Home"
Last we heard from our three Floridian Dragracers Tony, Tim and Vic, was that were on their way home after participating at the 19th Annual O`Reilly Midsouth Nationals. Hopefully once the three are home, we will get a full report on the raceweekend for the three Super Compers. All we know at present is that Tim made it to fourth round, being very constant and very near to the 8.90 Index.Unfortunatly Tony went out in the first round after damaging his transmission.

June 22nd, 2006
"Part II of last weekens June 17th"
After Tony had made his first full run with the new motor and running a 7.684 the track was calling Super Pro back to the lanes for first round.
Tony's first opponent was Bill Mutter in his '80 Chevy Camaro. Tony went for a dial-in of 7.69 thinking it might be better to hold two hundreds just in case it didn't repeat, Bill had a 9.83 on the Camaro.
Bill would have the advance off the start line with a .003 light and Tony a .018, Tony had added .005 ( 1.165 ) to the delay box after the burn out because it was now getting dark and he didnt want to red light.
As Tony came up on Bill he knew he would have to tap the brake which is what he did, the win light came on in Tony's lane even though Bill got there first by.0234 with Tony running a 7.697@ 169.84mph and Bill going under his dial in by .001. The MOV for Tony was .0084 giving the new motor it's first round win.
Round two would be at 9.51pm which was 1 hour and twenty five minute after the first round.
Tony´s next opponent would be a '23 Roadster which was built by Undercover Motorsports back in 1990 and actually a sister car to Tony's own last Roadster that he had raced up to 1997.
An 8.06 dial-in was on the roadster as it sat in the staging lanes, but then it got changed to an 8.09, once they knew they were running Tony.
This is a common deal in the States for racers to move there dial-in around. They also drive up to the lane with a faster dial in than the car can run and then change it at the last minute.
So the question was - was he holding or was he going to run it out. Tony decided to go with a 7.67 dial-in as the first round showed exactly thats what it would have run.
Again Tony's opponent got the better light with a .003 to Tony's .016, this time with 1.160 in the delay box as Tony had to run in the right lane this time.
At the 500ft mark Tony was already going passed the Roadster as he was heading towards the wall and out of the gas. Tony ran the dragster to the 1000ft mark and eased out of the throttle running a 7.824@ 144.95. Round 2 was in the bag!

Round three and Tony was up against a '65 Dodge, which had a dial-in of 9.94. Tony picked a 7.67 as his dial-in thinking that they now had over 90% humidity and there was no way the car was going to go faster than a 7.67.
The Dodge had a great light with a .012, but Tony had an even better light with a .001.
As Tony ran the Dodge down he thought it looks like "I´m going to catch the car in the other lane". So he ran it out loosing the round because he broke out with a 7.662@ 175.50 and the Dodge ran dead on his dial with a zero.

On the entire first three rounds the sixty foot was 1.107 which is what all racers really are looking for. We will be back as soon as we have been back Racing, catch you then hopefully!
June 20th, 2006
"What have we been up to?"
Since the last time we reported what we were up too, Tim and Vic went to the Pontiac Performance NHRA Nationals in Columbus Ohio in May. This was a one thousand miles one way trip, so the team was hoping for some good results. Unfortutately for Tim a -.005 red light in first round stoped any hope of going some fast rounds. Vic managed to get to round three.
Round two and the delay box got changed to 1.165, Tony knew as he made more runs the converter would start reacting faster, so he hoped that the RT would be better.
Now to the dial-in what should he put ? Tony looked at who he had to run against, which was Larry Hamby Jr in his '55 Chevy ( dial in 5.76 ) the car runs a 4 speed with a small block. Tony thought a 5.22 dial-in would give him plenty to play with as the car should run in the 4.90 on the 1/8-mile.
Both racers left together Larry with a RT of .020 and Tony a RT of .023, Tony caught Larry by the 400ft mark and then tried to take the finish line first - but by not to much. A 5.205@ 117.21 ment Tony broke out as Larry dumped to a 5.805 winning the round.

The team loaded up and headed home, happy with the weekend and reaching all there goals.

Meanwhile Vic and Tony have been working hard on the 565ci Chevy motor for Tony's dragster the last few weeks. The motor has been in the car since June 10th and Tony did compete at Orlando Speedworld on June 10th, he also made three test passes.
Tony and Vic had arrived at the track just in time to make the last time run for the bracket race that evening. Due to a crash and high cross winds the race was run as a 1/8 mile race that evening.

Tony made his first run and after 400ft shut the motor down, his ET was a 5.373@ 120.85.

The weather on race day was really hot and had reached temperatures of 95-96F, so the track was still way to hot to make any sence, still Tony was happy to be running down the track. Tony´s next run was round one and a dial-in of 5.00 was put on the race car, but Tony was not too worried as they have round one buy backs for $20. He did loose first round and went into his wallet looking for a $20 bill - as he was way late on the start line having a RT of .048. So it looked as if there was too much delay for this set up which was set at 1.180. The ET was 5.241@ 132.66 and after Tony got back Vic and him found out that the spark plug need to be indexed.
June 17th
Vic and Tony have checked everything on the car and were on there way back to Orlando this time early enough to make more time runs. Tony wanted to make two runs with the throttle stop on, so he had some numbers for the up coming event in Richmond VA, where the team will be running in Super Comp in July.

The car was set up as follows:- delay box 1.150- timer for the t/stop on .050 and off 1.800 - shifting set on time at .500 out The ET was 8.800@ 172.47 and the RT was .033. For the next run Tony changed just one thing the t/stop turn off, going from 1.800 to 2.000 which is known as twenty numbers. On the next run Tony almost hit the 8.90 with a 8.888@ 172.47 and a RT of .025, this was just what he needed giving him plenty of information to go to the next stage, a full run to see what his new motor would run on the 1/4 mile. 
So after all the waiting it was well worth it - here is the first run in increments.
60   - 1.106330  -3.166660  -4.8991/8   -142.04mph1000 -6.6841/4-   7.684mph- 175.47
This was much more than Tony had hoped for and he knew there was more in there, because the car had rattled the tyres in first gear, plus the car was shifted at 6900rpm. Tomorrow we will report on how many rounds Tony went to tune in and how that went.

June 17th, 2006
"Getting there"
It has been a while since we´ve brought an update on what we are doing. We have been busy and it is slowly paying off, as we have managed to get Tony´s engine finished and running - with great thanks to Vic Fera!

Tony and Vic are allready down at the track at Orlando Speedworld, too see if the engine runs and to we are getting were we want to be. As soon as they get back we will have news on how the testing went. Otherwise the other half of the team is busy racing this weekend in Colorado. We wish Tim good Luck and hope he will be in touch to give us some news on how he is doing.

back soon with more... 
May 29th, 2006
The Team would like to send very special birthday wishes all the way over to Santa Pod in England, were John Price is commentating the FIA Main Event today at Santa Pod Raceway on his birthday.

John has a very special place in Tony´s Chunky & Lynn Morris and the Team of TMR 
May 16th, 2006
"Racing and other apointments"
Now what have the guy's been doing the last two weekends since Bristol ?

Tony took the first weekend off to spend some time at home with his wife Lynn and take care of a few things around the house.
While Tim went off to Bradenton Motorsports Park as they were holding a race for a NHRA Wally. Each NHRA track hold one event a year for a wally in each class. Tim ended up losing a close race in round two by a few thousands at the finish line, knowing Tim it was real close.
Last weekend Tony made his way back to Vic Fera's  workshop, to make some further progress on Vic´s Plymouth Duster. Now that the racing has slowed down some, it should give him some more time to play catch up on Vic's Duster.
After working at Vic´s Friday and Saturday till mid afternoon, Vic and Tony left at four o'clock just in time to make it to Orlando Speedworld for their bracket.
Tim had allready arrived and had set up everything and was waiting for Tony to arrive. The Team made two time runs before first round - with Tony short shifting as he did at the English Mountain Dragway. Tony´s car was set up to shift on time which is normally around the 2.00 second range, but Tony had it set up to shift at 1.00 second to try and make the car a little more consistent. The car can also shift on a a rpm chip if Tony wishes.
The first pass was a 8.135 @ 165.13 in the right lane with a 60ft of 1.143 not bad when you think the cars fast run to date is a 8.05 @ 165.13.
The next pass Tony made was in the left lane with no changes, this would be one hour and twenty five minutes later at 7.45pm.
Tony was very happy with his 8.121 @165.50 mph  and his 60ft at 1.139 wow what a great pass and mph he said afterwards.

First round for Tony was at 8.57pm against Jon Joiner Jr also known as "Triple J" and last year's Super Pro track champion at Orlando Speedworld. Both racers staged clean - Tony had a dial-in of 8.12 and Jon a 8.95 - so Jon left first with Tony close behind him. When Tony's car launched he felt he had left some time on the start line. As Tony came up on Jon he decided to give the finish line up and dump the car at the last minute.
The win light came on in Jon´s lane with Jon running a 8.969 and Tony a 8.192  @ 149.42 and his 60ft being a 1.141. Shame about the lose but when Tony got his time slip he wanted to kick himself as he had a .001 RT which was much better than he had thought especially seeing that Jon had a .020 RT
After reviewing the run he realized the car was on a 8.12 run, so Tony would have won if he had ran it out instead of dumping.

Tim had a win in the first round as the 23'Model T he was running against got out of shape  and lifted giving Tim an easier pass into round two running a 7.90 on a 7.75 dial.

Round two - it was now 10.16pm and Tony had paid his $20 buyback to race again. This time he was racing against a friend: Max running in a really nice 74' black Vega. The dial-in for Max was 10.11 and Tony dialed in at 8.13.  Tony won as he was .030 better on the start line with .029 RT and Max with a .059, as Tony came up on Max he taped the brakes and took the win by .0424 running a 8.146 @ 154.79 and Max a 10.138 knowing if he had ran the car out it would have been on a 8.11 run, so Tony was holding .020 in his pocket as they say in the states.

Tim did not make it into the next round as the other racer had a great light not giving Tim much to play with. It was now 11.55pm and Tony was staging his car in against a Chevy with a dial in of 10.19 and Tony a 8.13. Tony took the finish line first once again, but this time by .0092  making him break out with a 8.108, it was the RT that hurt Tony being a .058 against a .036 and the Chevy running a dead on 10.199.

The next race is the Pontiac Performance NHRA Nationals in Columbus, Ohio this coming weekend where Tim and Vic will be participating.   Tony is unable to attain as his must be in Orlando Monday for a meeting he can not miss.

The rest of the Team wishes Tim and Vic a safe trip and good luck at the Nationals. 
April 30th, 2006
"2nd Round out - but that was not the end!"
Saturday morning the team was up early again, as they knew that they would be the second class out to run after Stock for first round that morning.

First up was Tony who had to run against a division 1 dragster. After both drivers did their burn out, Tony´s opponent could not back up, so it was obvious to Tony that his opponent had problems. The other driver rolled through the lights handing Tony the win and Tony ran his car out running a 8.875 @161.MPH his RT was .037 and the Timer was set at 1.96.

It was Vic Fera´s turn next, running a good race with a double break out with Vic being the winner.

Next was Robert Owen who broke out more than his opponent and last of our group to run was Tim, who was running Ron Elk.

Tim had the better light with an RT of .005 against Elk's .012, Tim had put some more numbers making it a 2.3 in his timer - as most of the drivers were running on the fast side this weekend.

Thinking he was set up on a 8.89-8.90 Tim had a really close race as Elk's came right up beside Tim at the 900-1000ft mark, where he started ripping him in, Tim stayed with him giving him the stripe and the win.

Tim´s car ran a 8.927 @ 167.03mph but would have only ran a 8.920 if Tim had stayed on the throttle, the MOV was .007 for Elk's.

Round two and Vic was in front of Tony in the staging lanes, when it was his turn to run he went red by -.015.

Tony was running a Corvette roadster which are a little tough to judge at the finsh line. At the start line the Vette had the advantage with a .010 RT against Tony´s .037, the Vette was in front the whole way up the track as Tony's car had lost some 60ft and was not going to run faster than a 8.917 so Tony ended up running a 8.924 @158mph, so after his bad light and not being able to run closer to the number is what hurt Tony.

So the guys loaded up and got on the road heading home, all of them bummed out as they did not go many rounds.

About one hour into the journey back home Tim's cell phone rang, it was Vic who Tim and Tony where following down the interstate. Vic told Tim he had just talk to his wife back home and told her he was on his way home, when she replied "why you coming home now? Go find yourself a bracket race on the way home and have some fun honey?
So now there was panic with all of them realizing they could still race that day somewhere!

So Tony got on the Laptop searching the web while Tim drove the motorhome. At that time they were still in Tennessee in the Great Smokey Mountains, so Tony checked the NHRA website first but with no luck as the closest track was to far the them.
Then after looking at the IHRA website and bingo a track near by was found and they where on their way.

The track was "English Mountain Dragway" which had opened in the mid 60's and later after many year's was closed down to be reopned after a new owner purchased it in the mid 90's.

The four races Vic, Robert, Tim and Tony arrived there just as they knew time was running out for them, but they knew this was a buy back race after round one and two, so each driver paid their $40 entry fee and got ready to rumble.
The locals were very friendly waving as the guy's drove through the pits.

After Tony watched a few cars go down the track, he realized the track was a little bumpy, so he decided to short shift (Timer 1.00) the car to slow it down a little, this was a 1/8-mile track with good traction and also went up hill.

Robert first of the four Floridians out, but after 200ft lifted as he didn't feel comfortable and decided to park the car.
Tim lost first round but he got the run he needed to set the car up for the rest of the night. Then Vic and Tony ran together with Tony winning after dialing a 5.20 and running a dead on 5.203 and Vic running a 5.016 on a 4.97, after which he said he lifted to early, Vic was able to buy back which Tony and Vic split.

Round two and Tony got the bye run running a 5.199 on a 5.20 with Tim losing and Vic winning.

Round three and all three took another win with Tony running a 5.172 on a 5.19 as his opponent racer red righted.

Round four turned out to be Tony´s last round as he missed the tree with a -.040 and his opponent having a .015 and running within .010 off his dial in, with a 6.013 on a 6.00 and Tony a 5.390 on a 5.17 after dumping hard.

Vic lost in the fifth round and Tim making it down to the 3rd car in round six, making it a fun night for the guy´s from Florida.
After the racing was done the four made some new friends and then all went out for some dinner and some good old bench racing stories from around the world!

So if you are ever in the Smokey Mountains check out the racing at English Mountain Dragway, were you can have a good old time.

And very special thanks to Vic Fera´s wife for a great idea which saved the weekend for four bumped out dragracers!
April 28th, 2006
"Smokey Tires in the Mountains"
Tony has been in touch to report that the team is having a good time in Bristol Tennessee.
All three cars are running without problems and here is the data from the runs today.
Run 1
Run 2
Run 3
Run 1
Run 2
(changed t/stop
rpm by 400
now 4400rpm )
Run 1
Run 2
Run 3
Due to our Webmaster being at a race in east germany on saturday and sunday, we will be back sunday evening with a full race report on how the team did at Bristol.
April 26th, 2006
"Let´s go North"
Today the team will be heading North to their next National event at Bristol Tennessee, for the up coming event at the O'REILLY THUNDER VALLEY NATIONALS. This is around about a 10 hour drive from our homebase in Orlando Florida.

The team is also taking the race car of their friend Robert Owen of Melbourne Florida with them to Bristol. Robert ist the son of Charlie Owen a long time racer from central Florida, he has a 2003 Undercover slip joint dragster with a big block Chevy and Robert is at present the 12th in Division 2 and 8th in the national points standing.

Thursday the team will be busy setting up the cars and taking them through tech and they also should be able to enjoy the weather which is forecasted to have temperatures in the high 60's all weekend. Tony will be sending a race report on Friday to tell us how the teams are doing. Nothing has be changed on either of the cars, so hopefully both drivers should do well.

Also on quick note our good buddy Vic Fera, should also have his new engine ready in time to arrive with Robert late Thursday evening.

So be sure to come back Friday evening for further news!
April 19th, 2006
"Our german correspondent"
Our webmaster and Tony´s little sister Andrea Kloss has been elected secretary of both german drag racing clubs the 1.DVD e.V. and HARA e.V.

Tony when racing in Europe back in the 80s used to be a member of both clubs and had won both club championships numerous times.

Tony is happy to see his sister representing the Morris family in both clubs and taking an active role in the german drag racing scene.
April 18th, 2006
"The Rest of the Story"
In Florida at this time of year it gets dark around 8pm, so the second round of Saturdays Race at Orlando Speedworld was in the dark.

For some drivers there is one problem in Orlando when it's dark - when both cars have staged and the driver is looking out for the first bulb to come on the tree ( in super pro) it´s difficult to make it out because there is so much glare from the other lights it's almost impossible to find the light your looking out for and if Richard the starter takes a little longer to push the button to let the tree come down, it makes it even a little harder

Anyway on to the next round!

Tony got up to the lanes fast and was the in the fourth pair on the track at 9.50pm, he was running against a friend of the team from Cocoa - John Plant Jr also know as wing-nut ( don't ask ). John´s father had also raced way back at Orlando Speedworld.
John dialed a 7.66 and Tony a 8.05, both racers made long burnouts Tony longer than normal, as he was in no hurry to stage and wanted to go in last. Both drivers took their time to pre-stage and at last John went in with Tony following.
Tony waited to see if John would take the bait which he did, then Tony bumped in really slow trying to make the stage light flicker making sure that he was shallow staged.
All had gone to plan up to this point, then after what seamed to take forever Tony´s first bulb came on, but Tony missed it slighlty with an RT of .027 the question was "was it enough?"
Tony thought about hitting his bump down then remembered that it had been four months since he last bracket raced and he did not know how it was set up.
The car left hard then at about the 60ft mark Tony felt it chirp a little and again at the shift point, was it going to run the number ?
Around the 1200ft mark John was coming hard and Tony knew he was going to catch him, so just as John was right next to him, Tony used a little brake but kept full throttle thinking maybe John would dump to hard - which he did not!
So John won the round with a 7.68 @162.00 mph and Tony a 8.089 @160.28.

Tim had to run a 8 second Pontiac that broke at the 1/8 mark so Tim ran a 8.055 @ 130.26 putting him through to the next round.

Round three and time was flying as it was allready 11.24pm. Tim went up to the start line, and both Tim and Tony new this round was going to be a little bit more of a race as Tim's opponent had dialed a 10.68 in a 70 Chevelle.
Tim went for a 7.69 dial for this round. Both drivers were in fairly quick with Tim going in last, his RT was a .026 and his opponents a .004 - so this was going to be hard to win!
As Tim came up on the Chevelle he knew he was going to be following the other car through the finish line, so Tim dumped to a 7.700 @ 164.38 and his opponent ran dead on with a 10.686. This only gave him .010 to get in on which wasn´t not very much.

The team loaded up and left the track at midnight, as round four was starting.

Both drivers were very happy with the evening racing and a new personal best for Tony´s car.

In two weeks the team will be at the Bristol national event. At present Vic Fera is working hard on finishing Tony´s new motor the 565Ci Chevy and if it is ready by Saturday, the team will replace the 509ci on the weekend.

We`ll be back
April 17th, 2006
"Saturday´s Bracket Race at Orlando Speedworld"
This passed Saturday the team went out to their hometrack at Orlando Speedworld in Florida.
The track was holding it´s second points race of the year. There were two car classes Super pro and Sportsman, some bike classes and also a few JR Dragster classes. The gates opened at 3.30pm and they started running at 4pm.
Tim and Tony arrived at the track at 5.30pm, which gave them plenty of time to unload the cars. After going through tech they warmed up the cars and then drove to the staging lanes before 6.30pm, as this was the cut off to make there last time run.

Both were running wide open with no t/stop being used at this race, which gave Tony a chance to see how much faster the car was with Vic Fere's torque converter, which Tony has had in his car since the Florida Nationals in March.
Tony had told Tim that it looked like everybody was mostly in the left lane, Tim said let's try the right lane then, so Tim hit the track first.
Now this was full tree bracket racing where much more delay was used in the box, so they would be letting go of the button when the first top bulb came on at the top of the tree.
At 7.10pm Tim made his run with 1.130 in the delay box and he had a RT of .024 after the run Tim said he felt he had missed it a little when the tree came on, his ET was a 7.713 @ 173.21.

Tony was three pairs behind Tim and he made his run at 7.13pm with 1.150 in the box and an RT of -.022, a new personal best in this car came up on the board for Tony which was a 8.077 @ 165.07.

This was a great evening for a drag race as the weather was just perfect, with a high temperature of 88F and going down to a low of 65F and humidity being very low at 40% - 65%.

The team had to wait one and half hours before round one due to the large car count, when the class was called Tony went first but then found out that he had been pick for the byerun - if there was going to be one. So Tim ran first again, but after he caught a red light by .004 ( D- box 1.125 ) he had to go to plan B "the buy back system" - which costs $20 and puts you back in the race in round two. Tim had run the car out and ran a 7.706 @ 173.21 on a 7.69 dial in.

Tony ended up having to run a dragster that was dialed at 8.22, eso he dialed a 8.07.
Tony got the jump at the start line with a RT .012 ( D- box 1.180 ) against his opponents .040 and at the 400ft mark Tony was next to his opponents car where he stayed the whole way up the track with the other racer taking the finsh line by .0055.
Tony won the round as both cars broke out and Tony braking out least running a 8.056 @ 165.13mph and again a new personal best time and mph for his car! Tony´s opponent ran a 8.17 on a 8.22 dial.

We will be here tommorow, we hope you will be too to Check out how the team did.

April 10th, 2006
"Out in Round 3"
Round three was a very close race between the two Orlando dragracers Ken Wells and Tim.
Both drivers had .018 lights and Tim was in front the whole way. Then at the finsh line Tim backed into Ken to take the stripe by .002, this would be he's undoing as both broke out - Tim ran a 8.890 and Ken a 8.892 so as Tim broke out more by .002 he lost.

Well maybe the team will have better luck at the next race which will be from April 29th until the 30th at the O`Reilly Thunder Valley Nationals in Bristol Tennessee.

See ya then!
April 9th, 2006
After a line of thunderstorms pulling through in the late afternoon bringing bad rain and mean winds, the remaining Saturday qualifying was cancelled. The qualifying rounds of Top Sportsman and the Alcohol classes were held this morning.
Our turn came just after 1pm and Tim was the lucky winner after he and his opponent both had bad lights, Tim had decided to let his opponent take the stripe and won with a 9.008 taking him to the next round.

Tony not so lucky after taking a very good light with a .007 against his opponents .013 – but Tony was very fast as even after loosing 18mph dumping hard before the finishline, he still broke out with a 8.882 @ 144mph. He said it was very hard to predict what the car would do, since the weather had changed completley since yesterday with temperatures of 65 Fahrenheit and a head/crosswind, he said his 60foot time had piced up .030 – so know he is concentrating on supporting Tim for the rest of todays race.

April 8th, 2006
"First runs at Georgia Motorsports Park"
Tim arrived on Friday and got 2 good runs in, his first run was a 8.846 @ 172.28mph with an RT of .010 which he did in the right lane. Tim had 2.068 in his timer for the throttle stop and 0.40 in the delay box. The weather is completly different from the last couple of races, with a much warmer temperature and Tims first run was made with a temperature of 82 Fahrenheit and a tailwind of 12mph.

Tim´s second run was at 7.50pm and he ran a 8.893 @ 170.84mph with an RT of .006, he had .040 in his box, 2.025 in the timer and a 7mph tailwind.
Tim was very pleased to have run so close to 8.90.

This morning Tim´s first run didn´t happen the way he would have liked it to, as he knew as soon as he pressed the button he had missed it. His RT was a .031 and he ran a 8.902 @ 171.55mph with 1.975 in his timer, running with a tailwind of 11mph.
His last run was more to his taste with a .006 RT with a time of 8.902 @ 171.40mph and 1.955 in his timer and a 15mph tailwind.

Tony arrived at 8.45 this morning after a 3 hours drive from Orlando.
Tony had .040 in his delay box and 2.6 in his timer for his first run which he ran on the right lane. He had an RT of .015 and a time of 9.031 @ 162.47mph running with a tailwind of 14mph.
After the run he realised the car was acting up a little, so Tim and Tony checked it over and discovered that the distributor cap had condensation inside. Tony managed to come up with a new distributor cap and a rotor arm, so the team got to work and replaced the defective one.

Tony´s second run which was in the left lane, he had a .016 RT and ran a 8.947 @ 162,98mph with .040 in the delay box and 2.20 in the timer - to establish the ratio which turned out to be close to a 3:1 ratio. The tailwind on this run was 15mph.

At present racing is on hold due to a very nasty thunderstorm with Top Sportsmann and Top Alchohol waiting to do some runs.

Tommorow the weather is supposed to be cooler with a headwind, so it should be very challenging for the drivers!

Don´t forget to come back for further news!
April 7th 2006
"The break is over, let´s get back to business"
After two weeks off the team is out racing again, this weekend their racing at the South Georgia Motorsports Park, which is near the small town of Cecil in south Georgia - just about three and half hours drive from the teams homebase in Orlando,
Florida. This will be the third year that this new track will hold the Division two event with classes ranging from Super Street all the way to Top Alcohol Dragster.

Today Tim will be making all the runs, as Tony will be arriving at the track on Saturday.

stay tuned!
March 29th, 2006
"Birthday wishes"
The Team would like to wish their very good friend and british dragracer Paul Marston a very Happy Birthday!

Tony, Lynn, Tim, April & Andrea
March 26th, 2006
"Sunday rap up"
So how did the team fair today? Not to good as both team drivers lost in round one.

Tim was first with a great RT of .010 but his opponent Scot Lamar had a good light with a .008 RT both drivers dumped at the finish line, with Tim getting there first. Tim broke out with 8.881 @ 162.19 and Scot was right on the ball, with a 8.906 giving Tim just .004 to play with.

Tony´s race was over at the start line as he red lighted with a-.014 light, he ran the car to a 1000ft and then got of the gas.
After three busy race weekends, the team can take a short break until the next race, which will be at the South Georgia MSP in Cecil, GA from April 7th until 9th. Both drivers are looking forward to the break and spending some time at home with their families.

Tony´s wife Lynn and Tim´s wife April are their biggest supporters and everyone knows how important it is to take the very best care of your supporters. And that is what both drivers have planned for the next two weeks!
March 25th, 2006
"Review of Saturday"
Saturday morning started out very chilly for Florida, with a low of 50F and eventually warming up to around 63F in the afternoon.

Tim ran first and with a 8.906 @ 171.26 with a RT of .012 with .040 in his delay box. Then Tony ran a 8.820 @ 150.37 with -.041 RT, this run was set up to run a 8.85 and then dump but the car was way too fast because of the weather being so good.

Back in the pits Tim did some motor adjustments on his car and found a problem within the motor, so the oil pan was taken off and the problem fixed. Because of this only Tony was able to make a second run in the next time run section which was a 8.873 @164.04 and RT .053

Tommorow we will be back with the results of first round!
March 25th, 2006
"Review of Friday"
The team arrived at Bradenton yesterday morning at 8.00am and the pits were well filled, the team parked the rig almost at the end of the track, but they are in good good company.

At 1.34pm Tim hit the track - most of the cars in front of Tim were running way under the index, so Tim added a few more numbers to his timer resulting in a 8.921 @ 170.84 with an RT of .019 Tony was right behind and was able to see what Tim had run and then adjusted his timer accordingly.
Tony was not sure if the problem was fixed that the car had at the previous race, when it did not shift into higher gear, so this was still on his mind.

Tony's burn out was not very good and had Tony thinking something was wrong with the car ? He went ahead and staged the car - his RT was a .037 and the ET a 8.889 @ 162.83. Tim and Tony were pleased with their first hit on the track.

The next run was at 4.14pm and Tony was out first and this time both drivers ran in the left lane, as both drivers had their first run in the right lane. This time Tony´s RT was .043 - not so great - and the ET a 8.904 @ 148.93 Tony had set out for a 8.87 and was dumping before the finsh line to find his spot where to dump this is why the car was slower in mph.

Tim's RT was a .029 with an ET of 8.869 @ 170.81.

Today the team should get two more runs and the first one Tony will try to dump again.

we'll be back!
March 24th, 2006
"Bradenton Motorsports Park"
The team left for Bradenton Motorsports Park this morning, where they will participate in there second divisional race this year.

The weather in Bradenton is much cooler than last weekend at Gainesvillle, with a high of 70F today and there is a tail wind around 15 -20 mph, so the cars should be fast on the track today.

As soon as we have news we will be back.....
"A Message from the Webmaster"
After arriving back in Germany on Wednesday, René and I have been trying to get used to the 6 hour time difference - and that was pretty hard after 4 days of Gatornationals and having to get up very early in the morning and getting back late at night - but it was worth it!

We enjoyed the Gatornationals very much and were very pleased to see Tony go so far in a national event. For me personally it was like a journey back in time, as I remember the days when Tony was back here racing very successfully in Europe, he won a lot of races over here back then.
Tony has come a long way since then, racing in America is very different - but after the last two weekends he has shown he can race up there with the best the class Super Comp has to offer. I can´t wait to come over again and hopefully be there when he wins a national event!

I myself work at the NitrOlympX here in Germany that is held at the Hockenheim Quartermile in August, I work in the credentials office and on the raceweekend itself I pit marshall for the pro classes. Last weekend at Gainesville Raceway I watched and learned a lot and I met a lot of very nice and interesting people.

I look forward to our race season starting at the end of May at Santa Pod Raceway in England, were there will be a large field of Top Fuel Dragsters participating in this years "Main Event", with at least two of Doug Herberts previous vehicles being driven by swiss driver Urs Erbacher and swedish driver Tommy Möller. Also we have at least 30 Pro Mod Cars this year so it looks as if we will be having a very promising racing season this year!

Greetings from Germany
March 19th, 2006
"Gainesville Day 4"
Sorry for the delay on the Raceblog but due to a failure of internet service we were not able to report directly from the track. But here is the whole story:

Round 5
This round was a tough one as Tony knew his opponent well who was Shermann Adcock from Alabama of the Valvoline Team who is also a former Super Gas and Super Comp World Champion in NHRA Drag Racing.

Tony's plan worked out well as Shermann had run in the right lane in the previous round and chose that lane once again and Tony ran in the left lane.
There was a little tension at the startline as neither one wanted to pre-stage quickly, at first it had looked as if Shermann wanted Tony to pre-stage first but Shermann decided to go ahead and stage first afterall. Tony bumped the car in had a great .008 RT to Shermanns .070 RT within 2 seconds it was all over as for some reason Tony's car did not shift into high gear and by the time he realised what was happening, Shermann had passed him. So Tony idled down the track quite frustrated but was still very pleased to have made it to the fifth round and the team had an awesome weekend with friends and family.
Round 4
The morning started out a little cooler and slightly overcast with a high of 72 Fahrenheit. The plan was to set up the car for an 8.89 and also run in the left lane, as Tony had run the first 3 rounds in the right lane. The run was perfect Tony had a .006 RT and ran an 8.888 @ 160mph.
March 18th, 2006
"Gainesville Day 3"
Round 3
After a long day of qualifying and two accidents involving the nanook nostalgia fuel altered and a top alchohol dragster, super comp was finally called to the staging lanes at the end of the day running in the dark as round 1 the day before. Tony new his opponent was in the 175mph range so he was a little concerned on how the outcome was going to be, after not being able to run on the track all day.

Tim and Tony decided to try and set the car up on the fast side and try and make it as close as possible at the finish line.
After the cars left the startline it was obvoius that Tony had a great start which was a .010 RT and easily backed into his opponent running an 8.917 against his opponents 8.884 @ 172mph. Tony only ran 146.69mph and after working out feeding the run into the computer, found out he was on a 8.84 run. So Tony was through to the next round which was a bye run.

Round 2
Good Morning the weather here in Gainesville is presenting itself beautifully today with clear blue skies and cooler temperatures in the low 70’s.
The Teams remaining driver in the competition was called up to the staging lanes at 10am and after Tim and Tony had discussed the data from Tony’s previous runs and being aware of the wind changing constantly from head to tale, they decided to take .004 out of the timer and to leave the 0.50 from the night before in the delay box.

Tony was up against Tim’s opponent from 1 st round the night before, which made this run even more important to win for “REVENGE”.
Tony staged first and had an RT of .016 against his opponents .022 Tony dumped the car real hard against his opponent loosing 10mph resulting in a 8.865 @ 152.12mph winning against a 8.865 @ 178.78mph. Tony took the stripe by .0065 winning because of a better reaction time.

Be sure to come back and see how we do in round 3, which is scheduled to be the last class running today around 5pm !

March 17th, 2006
"Gainesville Day 2"
Round 1
The team waited patiently for their first round, which turned out to be at 8.35pm on a cool evening. Tony was up first and had an RT of .016 against his opponents .043 After being ahead Tony backed into his opponent loosing 6mph and taking the win with a 8.918 @ 156.46mph against his opponents 8.929 @ 163.30mph.

Due to an oil down there was a long wait before Tim got to run at 10.03pm . Tim’s RT was a .012 exactly the same as his opponents. Tim had set his car up fast for an 8.87 run as he knew that he would be running against a faster car in the 180mph range, so Tim dumped the car very hard at the finish line sliding the car through the stripe with an 8.892 @ 162.68mph – unfortunately Tim’s win light did not light up as his time was .008 under 8.90

March 16th, 2006
"Gainesville Day 1"
1st Run
The team awoke to a great day with the temperature promising to be in the mid 70's. First call for Super Comp was after Stock, Super Gas and Super Stock. The team stood in the staging lanes and watched Vic Fera who ran a 8.83 @ 168mph with an RT of .005
Tony opted to leave the set up as in Orlando the weekend before, figuring he would be on the fast side of 8.90 Tony's RT was a -.006 with 30 in the delay box, his ET was 8.849 @ 160.91mph

Tim put some numbers in his timer after watching Vic's run, so that he would be on the slow side of 8.90 he had an RT of .034 and an ET of 8.97 @ 170.77mph. The Team is currently waiting for their second call and just spending their time working on the computer and filling the alchohol tanks etc.

2nd & 3rd Testing Session
Second round of testing the team was trying to find their ratio. Tony went out first and had an RT of .004 and an ET of 8.859 @ 161.14mph with 30 in the box. Tim’s RT was a .018 with an ET of 8.859 @ 170.61mph Tim was satisfied with his run Tony would have preferred his run to be a little slower.

After the second run the team discovered a valve train deficiency on Tony’s car, so Vic Fera took a look thinking it might be a bad lifter, but after further examination all it needed was some valve adjustment. Tony also replaced the plugs with a set of new ones.
Third run both drivers were happy with the results picking up a tailwind of 7mph. Tony had an RT of -.015 an ET of 8.927 @ 162.74mph and Tim an RT of -.004 with an ET of 8.861 @ 171.42mph.
Tony put 20 numbers in his timer to slow the car down so that there was a good spread between a fast and a slow run. Tony figured that his throttle stop ratio is around 2.2 : 1.
Tim took 25 numbers out after the first run to try and figure a ratio out and it worked out at 2.5 : 1.

Otherwise the day at Gainesville went well with great weather and a schedule on time. Tommorows weather promises good temperatures again and the first round for Super Comp should be in the late afternoon after 2 rounds of pro qualifying - we shall actually be the last class down the track tomorrow.

First round tomorrow morning will be for stock, super gas and super stock

See yall tomorrow!
March 14th, 2006
"Heading for the first national race of the season"
Today Tim has taken the Motorhome and the Trailer with both Racecars up to Gainesville and has found the perfect pit space. Tony will be driving up tommorow evening to meet Tim and check out the cars.

Rene and Andrea will be in Gainesville to support and report! German dragracer Timo Habermann who is on vacation over from Germany and also Top Alchohol Dragster Driver will also be in Gainesville to support the team.

March 12th, 2006
"Florida Nationals Review"
The weather this weekend in Florida was great with temperatures in the mid 80s. Tony was racing alone this weekend as Tim was a little under the weather and wanted to make sure he will be fit for the Gatornationals next weekend.
Tony arrived at the track on Friday morning, his first run was a 8.99 @ 157mph and the RT was -.008 with .030 in the delay box.
After his first run Tony discovered that the oil leak from the trans was still there, he found a small crack in the converter case which leaked when the converter was under high pressure. Lucky for Tony his good friend and fellow super comper Vic Fere had a spare converter with him, Tony and another close friend Dave Fegen helped Tonz to change it.
After changing the converter Tony made the next round of time runs, he changed his RPM on the stop as the new converter was much tighter, which turned out to be a mistake, as he found out later. The run was a 8.55 @ 162mph RT -.012 being much to fast.
Tony put the car back to the setting of his first run, which had been a 8.99 and after the change he went a 8.864 @ 161.71 RT .044, so the car obviously liked the tighter converter! Tony got one more time run to try this different combo out, he added .012 to his timer and came up with a 8.877 @ 161.30 and a really bad .177 RT.
Sunday morning Tony was up and ready to hit the track, with more than 500 racecars on sight it was going to be a busy racing day. Super Comp offered a field of 108 cars which was promising to be an interesting day.

Round 1
Got off to a good start with a very close race between Tony and his oponent. Both had excellent reaction times, Tony with a .006 and his oponent with a .007 Tony's 8.91 beat an 8.92 with a win margin of .014 at the stripe.

Round 2
Tony was up against a local racer and good friend Butch from Undercover Motorsports. Both drivers were late off the startline.
Butch with .052 and Tonz with the better .042, Butch was throttle stopping at the finish line, so Tony realised he had to set up the car as close to his index as possible. At 1200 foot Tony saw that he was not going to catch Butch, so he let cut him loose ending up with a 8.92 killing 9mph. Butch broke out with a 8.85 @ 140mph.
After gathering the information of both first rounds, the computer indicated that the car was on a 8.896, so the car was dialed.

Round 3
Tony was up against a Division 1 driver and had an excellent .002 RT against a .062 resulting in Tony backing into his oponent before the finishline and taking the stripe with a 8.92 @158mph against his oponents 8.901 @ 168mph.

Round 4
Tony was racing against one of the well known Team Valvoline Drivers David Tatam. Both drivers ended up red lighting unfortunately Tony redlighted first. Tony ran it out to 1000 foot and then backed off to save wear. After checking the data of the run, the car was on a 8.90 run. David ran a 8.87. What a shame if this run had been with two green lights, it could have been an interesting outcome for Tony.
Tony was still pleased with the results of this weekend, the car ran well and looks to be set up well for Gainesville showing some promise.
Most of the Teams have left Orlando Speedworld and are on their way to Gainesville for the Gatornationals next weekend. Tim and Tony will be leaving Wednesday evening.

Keep tuned for the upcoming national event coverage! Where we will be covering live.

Tony & Andrea

March 4th, 2006
It's almost a week since the team raced in Gainesville, which was a great start with Tim going four rounds and being 11th in the division II points standings, plus a little more mph in the car which should help with finish line judging.
Tony´s red light was surely not planed, but never the less he knows why he red lighted, with only three runs in the car before round one he was just starting to feel at home and needed to start adding some more delay.

Saturday Tony should have the car ready for the next event which will be at Orlando Speedworld from the 10 th until the 12th of March - after taking the trans out to change the front seal in the front pump, which had started leaking in Gainesville.
While the trans was out Tony gave the car a good clean up and checked the car over. The trans and motor oil will also be replaced seeing that the team have three races in a row coming up.

Vic has started work on Tony´s new motor again and he is making good progress. The team has decided to put the motor in after the race in South Georgia MSP Cecil which will be from the 7 th until 9 th of April - this should give Tony time to test before the national event in Bristol at the end of April.

Tony will have lots of help in Orlando and at the the Gatornationals, as his sister Andrea (our webmaster) and her husband Rene Kloss will be visiting. Also old friend and fellow racedriver Werner Habbermann will be on hand to point Tony in the right direction, Werner will be there with his wife Heidi and his sons Timo and Dennis and finally Timo´s other half his lovely girlfriend Alex.

The Habermanns are one of the oldest Families in Drag Racing in Germany and participate in the FIA European Championship in their Top Alchohol Dragster which is driven by Timo Habermann, his younger brother Dennis Habermann will be starting his first year in Super Comp this year after previously being very successfull in Junior Dragster.

At the moment it looks like the weather is going to play ball and be nice. Should any race fans be attaining the races please stop by and say hi.
Febuary 26th, 2006
"Gainesville Divisional Race Review"
Due to a cold front that came through Gainesville and a couple of hours of rain in the night, the temperature had dropped considerably. It took a couple of hours for the track to dry but the weatherforecast promised clear skys and dry conditions for the rest of the day.
Which was a challenge for all the racers to dial in considering the temperatures that droped during the day.
t 9.00am Tony contacted us to et us know, that it was still raining and was very windy with the temperature at 53 Fahrenheit.
The Sun had shown its face a little, which had pleased a lot of people and so lot´s of cars came out to drive around in the pits to warm up.

Racing started 10.20am and the weather had cleared pretty well. Super street was first up and Tony and Tim were to be running in first round sometime in the afternoon. Well 1st round was run and the Team had one Winner. Tony took a little out of his timer before his run, so he made the run with .042 in his timer which resulted in a -.008 red light and a 8.885 Sec. run.
Tim was our 1st round winner with an RT of .022 and luckily his oponent missed out on the light and backed off so Tim took it steady and ran a 9.06. So Tim got off to a good start for the season after going four rounds in total:
Febuary 25th, 2006
"Gainesville Divisional Race Review"
2nd. Run
The last run for Tony and Tim went satisfactory even though one of them caught a red light! They ran at 4.52pm with a tailwind of 7mph! Tim´s second run of the day was a 8.872 Sec. @ 171.33mph with an RT of .044.

Tony´s second run was in the right lane this time and after observing the sun being behind the tree, decided to take out .015 of his timer giving him a .025 in his timer. Well the sun turned out not to be to bad giving him a red light with a RT of -.013 and a ET of 8.904 Sec. @ 159.77 mph. Allthough red lighting Tony was pleased to see that his 60 Foot time had been consistent today after his first 60foot time being a 1.329 and his second runs 60footer being a 1.332.

Tommorow should be an interesting day with at least 100 Super Compers competing. At the moment Tony, Tim and April have gone to dinner and will review todays racedays and their racing data.

more tommorow!

1st. Run
This morning Tony and Tim got a good run in. Tony had a run down the left side of the track today with an RT of .022 after adding .014 to his timer for the T/Stop which ended up in a 8.966 @ 158,00 mph which he was happy with. Tim had an RT of .057 after taking a little time out of his timer which led to a 8.852 @ 170,39 mph. Tony also got his new Slicks fitted today

stay tuned........
Febuary 24th, 2006
"Let´s go Racing"
The team arrived at Gainesville Raceway for the NHRA LUCAS OIL Drag Racing Series Race at 2pm and got straight to work. After everything was unloaded the first thing to set up was the computer, then the weather station which Tim took care of. After the tech cards were printed the drivers were off to tech inspection, where they passed with flying colors.

After tech Tim rushed off to the Hoosier trailer to have some new slicks mounted (17 – 33 ½ - 16) C07. Just as Tim finished getting his tires on the car S/C was being called over the intercome up to the staging lanes for there time run - both cars were ready to run having been warmed up to check for leakages and to see where the T/STOP was set and also matting the throttle to make sure the cars hit the 2 steps clean.

Both drivers went up to the staging lanes for their first run on the track since the Snowbirds Nationals back in early December.
Tony was first to run. Being as Tony has collected plenty of information from the Gainesville track he decided to go with a .040 in his delay box and came up with a .008 reaction time which put a mighty smile on Tony's face. As far as setting the car up on the timer, the computer gave a timer setting of 2.25 to 2.28 but there was a pretty big head wind (which ended up being 8mph) and Tony went with 2.20. The result was a 8.853 @ 158.78 not bad for his first hit!

Tim also had .040 in his delay box but came up with a .045 and knew as soon as he let go of the trans brake button that he was a little late, the run went well and gave the team a 8.935 @ 169.39 which looks as if the changes that where made to the car are a step in the right direction.

The team should get two runs on Saturday. Tony will also be getting a set of new slicks in the morning, Good Years 2556.

To be continued so stay tuned!
Febuary 22nd, 2006
This coming weekend the team will be competing in their first race of the 2006 racing season. The event is the NHRA Division 2 opening race at the national event track Gainesville Raceway.

Tony has made good progress on Vic’s Duster and this last weekend completed most of the welding and finishing touches to the right rear fender.
As for Tony’s new dragster motor, it’s not quite ready yet because thicker head gaskets needed to be ordered. Since Vic needs time to get his own dragster ready, the motor has been put on a short hold. The team hopes that it may be ready for Orlando in two weeks. Consequently, Tony will run with the same set up as last season and has the car ready for this coming weekend.
Like Tim, Tony has also replaced the seat belts with Simpson belts and the carb and fuel pump have been freshened.

And finally, the car has had a repainted nose fitted - that was repainted by Dan Goodwin who is an absolutely awesome painter!

Team Webmaster
Febuary 8th, 2006
Today we have put some more history on the site - this time we have written about the highlights and some of the dissapointments we had in the 1993 season.

Team Webmaster

January 31st, 2006
As the Team gets closer to the first race there is alot of excitement within the Team. Tony has been working away on Vic's Duster and has just finished the right rear fender and has now started on the left side, there is still alot to do as he can only work on the car on weekends. The rest of Tony´s engine parts should also be arriving this week, so Tony´s engine can get put together in time for the first race. Here is a list of some of the goodies going into Tony´s engine.

Block - Tall deck Bowtie
Crank - Lunati with a 4 3/8 stoke
Rods - Crower H-Beam
Pistons - Diamond (15.4 comp)
Cam - Cam Motion
Heads - Dart 360 angled milled ported and polished ( with 114cc )
Oil Filter - System one
Balancer - ATI
Oil pan - Stef's
Keep tuned

Team Webmaster

January 17th, 2006
"Let´s get them wheels ready to burn!"

So what´s the team doing at present? First and foremost everyone in the teamis very busy getting prepared for the 2006 season. The past couple of weekends Tony has been at Vic Fera´s Workshop in Merritt Island.
Vic was the 2004 SuperComp Division 2 Champion and Tony has been helping Vic out with his Super Street Duster, which is having a complete work over on the body. When Vic´s car is finished it will have fibreglass front fenders and a new hood, trunk and Bumpers, the rear quarters are also getting replaced with new metal.

And while Tony is working on Vic's Duster, Vic in return is working on Tony's new motor, which is a 565ci tall deck big block Chevy. Tony: "We have just received the crank, rods and pistons back from balancing and Vic has been trial fitting the parts to make sure there is room for them to move".

As far as Tonys and Tims dragsters go, both cars need new seat belts and these have been ordered and are on the way. There are also some minor repairs needed on the front end noses and they are allready in good hands at Dan Goodwin´s paintshop.

The teams first S/C race of the season will be at the Division 2 opener at Gainesville Raceway on Febuary 24. - 26. If the teams timing goes well over the next couple of weeks, both drivers will test
their cars beforehand at a location nearby.

Two weeks after the DIV 2 opener in Gainesville, the team will be off to Orlando for the NHRA Florida Nationals on March 10. - 12. and then the following weekend it´s off to the NHRA 37 th Annual Gatornationals at Gainesville Raceway on March 16. - 19.

After Gainesville the team will be back on the track just two weeks later, racing at Bradenton Motorsports Park for the third round in DIV 2 - and yes only two weeks later the team will be racing again! But then it will be off to Georgia to the South Georgia MSP in Cecil for the fourth round of DIV 2 on April 7.-9.

So as you can see it´s going to be a busy start to the season for the team once those wheels start burning out!

After reviewing the last season of 2005, Tony would like to thank Paul Marston of PM Racing Great Britain for the great time he had at the 2005 Main Event at Santa Pod Raceway in Podington Great Britain. Where Tony had the chance to go back to his roots and race Paul´s Monza "100% Pure Whoopass" in Super Gas. Tony said "it was really good to see some of his old friends and get to race back at home, which without the support of Paul and his great team would not have been possible".

We will be back with the results of the first race soon, so keep tuned!

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